Security teams spend 25% of their day prioritizing alerts
resulting in 35% false positives

Reduce alert fatigue by up to 50% and lower your overall risk profile by up to 25%

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Make decisions with the right context


Visualize and manage your application and cloud security risks in a single platform.


Using Generative AI, findings from existing security tools are risk scored and correlated across your clouds.


Top security risks are prioritized to focus your team on the most critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Reduce time to remediate with SLA management, triage support, automated workflows and one-click fixes.

Leverage the power of open source

Our cloud security product is an extensible open source tool with a modern user interface that monitors your multi-cloud environments for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Paladin Cloud was co-founded by the original creator and developer of PacBot, an open source, security monitoring tool.
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Connect your security tools and clouds

Bring in findings from your existing tools and correlate them against your cloud environments to prioritize the most important security risks. Perform security control verification to identify gaps in coverage

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Prioritization Engine for Cloud Security