AWS Guide

AWS Security Risks: Best Practices & Instructions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest hyper-scale public cloud provider. AWS provides over 200 services from 38 worldwide data centers, offering infrastructure, platform, and software as service solutions. The breadth and flexibility of AWS services add a high degree of complexity to the AWS cloud. This complexity can lead to security risks if best... Read more »

Understanding CAASM for cloud security

Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) tools and platforms are an emerging type of cybersecurity solution that enables organizations to identify, manage, and secure their digital assets. They provide visibility into modern IT assets, such as people, data, proprietary code, cloud infrastructure, and online applications and services, especially in terms of the organizational attack surface.... Read more »

Azure Security: Best Practices and Guidance

Microsoft Azure is a prominent public cloud provider known for its extensive services and tight integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, making it popular for enterprise workloads. Security is crucial in Azure, and organizations must follow essential practices to enhance security and reduce the risk of breaches, including access control, encryption, network security, and continuous monitoring.