For Security Teams

We reduce the time security teams spend prioritizing alerts in the cloud. Using Generative AI, we prioritize the most important risks by correlating and contextualizing findings across security tools and cloud providers.

Lower your overall risk profile by up to 25% by remediating the highest-priority vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Security Teams


Reduce Alert Fatigue

Reduce the noise by up to 50% by correlating findings across tools. Focus on top security risks, and eliminate false positives.

Save time and money

Security teams spend 25% of their day prioritizing alerts. Focus your team on what matters most.

Continuous Monitoring

Identify Coverage Gaps

Increase your security hygiene by up to 50% by verifying your security controls are providing their intended protection.


Enhance Compliance

Increase oversight with SLA management. Monitor governance and compliance against industry and regulatory benchmarks.

For Developers

We help developers secure their cloud environments to ensure their applications run securely and their assets are protected.

Focus on what matters by prioritizing alerts across security tools to drive workflow and remediation.




Increase Visibility

Our real-time monitoring enables developers to identify top vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Priority Risks

Prioritize Top Risks

Our prioritization engine risk scores findings from your security tools so you spend less time analyzing alerts and more time on what matters.


Automate Remediation

Our automated remediation significantly reduces the time to fix security issues. Reduce your time to remediation and improve your metrics.

Create Policies & Plugins

Build your own custom policies and plugins to third-party tools. Bring in findings from across your stack to add additional context.