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Connect with Paladin Cloud community members on Discord, GitHub, and Slack. Stay up to date with the latest product announcements and learn from a growing content library.


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Become a contributor

There are many ways to contribute to the open source product. Submit an issue. Answer questions. Work on bug fixes. Improve documentation. Contribute new security policies. Build a platform connector.


Become an expert

Learn about the latest best practices in securing your cloud environments. Our content library offers detailed technical articles on common security risks and how organizations can mitigate them.

Our training videos provide step-by-step instructions on identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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Content Library

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Our Values

We’re all about the community – open source first philosophy which drives everything we do. We’re passionate about working with developers and security teams to protect their applications and data.

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In the wild

Develop Connectors

Collect data with our connectors or build your own. Create third-party plugins to enterprise systems.

Submit a PR on GitHub

Build Policies

Leverage the hundreds of security policies we have or build your own. Create company-specific or shared community policies.

Contribution Guidelines

Share your story

Everyone's cloud journey is different. Share your experiences and engage with community members.

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Get Support

Let us know if you need help getting started or would like technical support. Post on our community Slack.


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