Fireside Chat - Managing Cloud Security. w/ Brad Schaufenbuel, Dan Deeney, and Joe Fernandes

CISO Fireside Chat on Cloud Security

Brad Schaufenbuel, VP and CISO for Paychex, discusses managing and prioritizing cloud security with Dan Deeney, Co-founder and CEO of Paladin Cloud, and Joe Fernandes, VP and General Manager for OpenShift Red Hat.     Transcript: We welcome everyone. Thanks for joining. I’m Dan Deeny co-founder and CEO of Paladin Cloud. My co-moderator, Joe Fernandez,… Read more »

A slide reads: Reduce Security Alert Fatigue Focus on what matters In the lower left is a picture of the speaker. To the right it reads: John Richards Head of Developer Relations Paladin Cloud

CNCF Reduce Alert Fatigue – Focus on What Matters

Reduce Security Alert Fatigue. Focus On What Matters Paladin Cloud’s Head of Developer Relations, John Richards speaks on security alert fatigue in this webinar for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.   Transcript: Hello and welcome to the “Reduce Security Alert Fatigue – Focus on What Matters” webinar. I’m John Richards, Head of Developer Relations at… Read more »

A screenshot showing the interface for interacting with Red Hat ACS findings from inside Paladin Cloud.

Unifying Cloud Security: Holistic multi-cloud coverage with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security and Paladin Cloud

In today’s rapidly evolving cloud ecosystem, achieving cohesive and comprehensive security is more essential than ever. Paladin Cloud and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security represent a holistic answer to this challenge. Together, they bridge the gap between multi and hybrid cloud environments across infrastructure and Kubernetes, delivering a unified platform tailored to managing cloud security… Read more »

The image shows what a customer is responsible for vs. a cloud provider for the different cloud deployment models (Source)

Introduction to Azure’s Shared Responsibility

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, cloud computing has revolutionized business operations. As the second largest cloud provider Microsoft Azure offers many useful services. But when using these capabilities, it is crucial to remember the Azure Shared Responsibility Model. Let’s delve into understanding this model and the best practices needed to ensure optimal security while working… Read more »

Screenshot of the Paladin Cloud asset distribution page

Cyber Assets: CAASM to the rescue

CAASM is more than just another acronym; at its core, Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management is about a holistic approach to your attack surface. Without centralized visibility into your assets, attackers can exploit blind spots to access systems and data through unprotected routes. Why Attack Surface Management Matters Over the last decade, many companies have… Read more »

Insights from Senior Director of Cybersecurity: Navigating Digital Transformation and Cultivating a Security Culture

Scott Reynolds, the Senior Director of Enterprise Cybersecurity at ISACA, brings his expertise and extensive background in the field of cybersecurity to a fireside chat hosted by John Richards, Head of Developer Relations at Paladin Cloud. With a distinguished career encompassing security roles and a breadth of experience across multiple industries, Scott offers insights into… Read more »

CJ Moses stands on a stage speaking against a backdrop of alert notifications. Large letters spell out addressing alert fatigue

AWS re:Inforce – preparing for the future

AWS re:Inforce is the security-focused offshoot of AWS re:Invent. AWS shows its dominance of the cloud provider market with its ability to draw substantial crowds for both in-person events. Amazon uses the event to announce new security services and as a way to provide training through its many workshops. This year, the focus was on… Read more »

John is on-screen in the lower right as a picture-in-picture. Behind him is a slide with a blue background and 6 bullet points outlining the agenda. Digital Transformation Shared Cloud Responsibility Attack Surface Cloud Management Security Efficacy OSS Tooling Demo

CNCF Security Posture Webinar

A holistic approach to managing cyber assets and extending your security posture John Richards, Paladin Cloud’s Head of Developer Relations, gave an On-Demand Webinar for CNCF. The slide deck is available if you would like to follow along.   Transcript: Welcome to this talk, a holistic approach to managing cyber assets and extending your security… Read more »

Sample GuardDuty findings with severity level and finding types.

Getting the most out of AWS GuardDuty

AWS GuardDuty is a service that continuously monitors an AWS account’s security and detects threats using data from multiple sources. In this article, we’ll look at the data sources used by GuardDuty, the protections it provides, the types of findings it generates, and best practices for using the service. Data Sources The first thing we… Read more »

A close up shot of a chain wall

Securing applications using Firewalls and Security Groups

Cloud-native services are highly vulnerable to cyber threats due to their operation in public clouds and multiple users sharing the same resources. In such scenarios, a hacker can orchestrate a deeper attack by exploiting a vulnerable resource they manage to control. Perimeter security alone isn’t enough, but it still functions as the first line of… Read more »