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Batch Compute Instance Upgrade

By default, Paladin Cloud uses the m5.xlarge instances to run the jobs using the AWS Batch service. Starting release 1.5.2, users can modify the batch compute instance type via the installer.

Note: For users currently using a release before 1.5.2 and looking to upgrade to the latest release, it is essential to perform this specific update. To proceed with the upgrade, it is necessary to redeploy version 1.5.2 with the required change and then upgrade to the latest release. Please refer to the deployment documentation for detailed instructions on the upgrade process.

Note: This information also applies to users who wish to upgrade their batch instance, regardless of their current release version.

AWS Batch won’t allow modifying the resources once created. Users need to destroy the Batch services before upgrading the compute instance type. We have added missing tags to Batch resources in release 1.5.2. Because the Batch won’t allow any modifications, users must destroy the Batch resources. Please note that this erases the past history of runs.

If there is a need to upgrade the instance type or you are upgrading to release 1.5.2, please follow the below steps:

  • step1:- deletion job-queue

    • aws batch update-job-queue –job-queue paladincloud-data –state DISABLED –region (region where Paladin Cloud installed)
    • aws batch delete-job-queue –job-queue paladincloud-data –region
    • aws batch update-job-queue –job-queue paladincloud-rule-engine –state DISABLED –region (region where Paladin Cloud installed)
    • aws batch delete-job-queue –job-queue paladincloud-rule-engine –region
  • step2:- deletion compute-environment

    • aws batch update-compute-environment –compute-environment paladincloud –state DISABLED –region (region where Paladin Cloud installed)
    • aws batch delete-compute-environment –compute-environment paladincloud –region (region where Paladin Cloud installed)
  • step3:-
    update the file to use desired batch instance type

    BATCH_INSTANCE_TYPE = "m5.2xlarge"

    • step4:
      Run the following command to upgrade:

    • if you are making any other changes to the current release,
      Please run sudo python3 redeploy

    • If you are looking for only instance type upgrade
      Please Run sudo python3 upgrade