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Connect to Jira

  • PacMan Issues: This configuration is required if you want your users to create Jira tickets for the issues reported by Paladin Cloud and send those issues to respective teams
    pacmanIssue: {
        CREATE_JIRA_TICKET_FOR_PACMAN_ISSUE: false, // Expected values: true || false || ''. // Make this true if you have enabled Jira link where users can create issues reported by PacMan
        emailPacManIssue: {
            ISSUE_MAIL_TEMPLATE_URL: '', // Here you can add the url where your email template is uploaded. Email template can be found under the folder 'emailTemplates' in the root location of the repo
            ISSUE_EMAIL_FROM_ID: '', // Add the email id from which you would want the mail to be sent from

    Find the email template associated for PacMan issue email at the root location under the folder named emailTemplates/pacman-v2-email-template. This email template can be uploaded to S3, and the link of that template can be provided in this field ISSUE_MAIL_TEMPLATE_URL